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frictionless agent bot customer service

Customer service integrated between real agent and BOT agents

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Over 2000 call center operators, 20 companies, 100 managers trust Chorally — but we don’t want to just tell you our numbers. We’d rather show you why we’re proud of our platform, so you can decide if it would be helpful for you and your team.

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Smart Customer Engagement

Automatically collect and organize customer interactions from every channel. Case filters arrange your cases into dynamic queues for easy organization and prioritization.

Create business rules to automatically assign cases, escalate time-sensitive ones, or identify high priority customers.

Data Monitoring

Identify, match and enrich profiles and monitor conversations using any internal or external data source. Add as many sources and dimensions as you want to your data.

Chorally monitoring provides realtime dashboards with complete drill down reporting and realtime data visualization.

Crowd Based Advocacy

Armed with mobile devices, your customers are engaging with you on more channels than before. Your brand experts have already established themselves as trustworthy advocates.

Empower your most knowledgeable brand experts to proactively assist customers, and resolve your customers’ issues faster than ever.

This tool speeds up identification of significant relationships within the social dataset, connecting people, physical locations or even competitors and partners.

Gabriele Antonelli

Presidente, Spazio Dati

The contact center is evolving. Knowledge and passion lives everywhere, and customers expect smarter engagement.

Silvia Cafagna

Head of Social Media, Vodafone Italia

Smart Customer Engagement

Starting with a unified view of realtime data from any source, Chorally enables teams to effectively connect, engage and collaborate with the people they care about.

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